Why is Therio-gel Unique?

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Sperm exposed to Therio-gel retain their motility and function!

Therio-gel is uniquely non-irritating and safe for sperm. It has a physiologic ion level (e.g. isotonic/iso-osmolar) to match body fluids such as semen and fertile cervical mucus. It contains a phosphate buffer to ensure a stable, neutral pH during handling (e.g. semen collection and insemination). Plus, Therio-gel has a natural plant based anti-oxidant to optimize cell function, including sperm!

Therio-gel is based on the same patented formula that the American Society of Reproductive Medicine recommends in their Physician Guidelines for human fertility patients; and that has undergone review and clearance by the FDA, as “safe to use when trying to conceive.”

The Therio-gel formula was developed by JE Ellington, a DVM, PhD, Board Certified Theriogenologist—to provide an elite product for the elite genes of the animals in your life!

Did You Know?

Theriogeneology is the study of veterinary reproductive medicine. Veterinarians who pass a specialty board examination in this field are called Theriogenologists or Diplomats of the American College of Theriogenology (DACT). They have obtained advanced training in animal breeding, including often a residency or PhD. These specialists function like ObGyns for horse breeding or dog breeding and even work with exotic animals like cheetahs and dolphins!

Veterinary lubricant for horse breeding and dog breeding
For Animal Use Only

User Story

“Due to its non-irritating nature, I have found Therio-gel* is great for sheath cleaning. It dissolves secretions easily and need not be rinsed out. I have had horses with chronically thickened sheath skin and foul smelling discharge, improve dramatically when other products for cleaning were discontinued and Therio-gel was used instead.”

Dr. KB Spokane, WA

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